Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jeremy Geddes

New Zealand-born artist Jeremy Geddes strives to create a narrative in his work that is open-ended, often letting the viewer derive meanings from his pieces.
The Street Oil on Board 34"/25" 2010
Adrift Oil on Board 29.5"/29.5" 2011
The Red Cosmonaut Oil on Board 2009
Cosmonaut 2
Warmer Air
"You can set up questions and then never supply any concrete resolution, which I think means you're free to ask really interesting questions... you're not let down by a shitty ending because everyone makes their own ending, one that resonates for them."
Geddes, Juxtapoz
A Soviet space skafander in the Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow
Birth. Cutting the chord
Andromeda Strain
Soviet Union scientists suited-up against Yersinia pestis (the bacteria that causes Bubonic Plague), 1960's.
Doctor Schnabel von Rom (Doctor Beak of Rome) 1656. Engraving by Paul Furst. In the 14th century it was believed that birds carried the Plague.
Environmental connection between the presence of the pigeon and disease.

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